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A Urban Fantasy - UF 4
An Urban Fantasy Tale:

Susan and her friends are planning an Easter Egg Hunt but realizes
the witch captured into the nether prison has escaped. What damage
will the witch do to this small Idaho town to find her and Hobnobby?
After a few residents die mysteriously, Susan has to get the whole
town to help her. In the mist of this event, her new boyfriend shows up.
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Book Interview by Profilecritics
Susan and Hobnobby from The Pottery Sale, thought
they had locked up the fairyland witch for good
in the nether world. But there's a flaw in the
witch's prison, allowing her to escape. When Susan's
small town is beseiged by plagues, and death, she
has to get her friends to help her rid them of
this witch once and for all. How will she explain
to her new boyfriend when he arrives in town.

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