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Saga 9 - Entity   
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A Science Fiction YA
A YA Science Fiction in the 25th Century.

A teenage girl witnesses a phenomena as she returns to the Martian base. While
she interns in the base station, her inexperience causes a fire, a misunderstanding
with the local aliens, and a trip in a miner's shuttle she hadn't planned on.
She soon discovers a new species. How will she prevent the army from killing it?
Will she be safe with them? What if this life is something we don't recognize?

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Book Interview by Profilecritics
Felicia just wants to fit in. At the age of 16 she wants
a boyfriend but is attracted to the wrong people such as
a rich man in his twenties and a local alien.
Will common sense arise after she escapes an alien labratory?
What is the strange shaddow she sees on the wall?
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