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   I grew up in North Idaho, went to the Couer d' Alene junior college. From there I attended the
University of Idaho to study Commercial Art. There I met my husband who became an electrical
engineer. We headed east and south for his work and I found jobs in the insurance field. Later,
I attended Idaho State University to complete my Bachelor's degree in Computer Information Systems.
I then bought into a screen print shop and did everything. I was a one woman show, proving that you
don't need five guys to print tshirts. I live in the town of Blackfoot, Idaho which has about 12,000
people. I then acquired a commercial embroidery machine with 12 needles to do business logos and
personal items.

    I am now retired, although I still do some jobs for my loyal customers. I have always thought about
writing but never knew where to start until my husband and I started traveling between Idaho and
Arizona. There I saw an inviting sign in the library where the writing group meets.

   I enjoy writing literary science fiction, because I am interested in future science, and I can write
about no one I know and still have fun with the characters. I now have nine books out and self-published
through ebook companies of Draft2Digital, Smashwords, Kindle, and paperback through KDP.

   What motivates me? A story I may read in the newspaper, political idiocy, a situation that
happened in history, or just anything that I can twist the perspective around to present a
parable style that mimics today's issues. I don't write torrid romance, but I do bring
you to the edge of several. My stories are based on my knowledge of how people interact, and
on the movies and books I have read until I go into the bizarre. I read a lot and that helps me write better.

   In November 2015 I decided to participate in National Writing Month some call anowrimo
or just Nano. The goal is to write 50,000 words in thirty days. I wrote "Where Did They Go?"
in eleven days. I continued on to add to my Nano book another 9,000 words to polish the story

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that has excerpts of all of my current books by clicking on the link above, 'Books To Purchase.'

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