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Saga 7 - Fatal Error Death by Innocence   
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A science fiction Mystery:
A terrorist is destroying android units in the 25th century.
Humans make mistakes. Some admit to them and others are blamed.
A woman leaves an incriminating letter her mother wrote at the
Tucson Police Station. Detective Blackhawk and his wife are taking
their vacation to Mars when a fire and a death occurs on board
their spaceship. One android is compelled to follow the three
laws of robotics and helps the detective solve the crime. This
is a tale of truth revealed and how death by an innocent can
escalate into murder.

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A humanoid robot records something the killer has to
cover up. From Earth to Mars both are on a destination
that will change each of their lives.
Will android #4785 become aware? Will the murderer
pay for her crime?
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